Triple Strand Rosaries with Solid Hail Mary and Striped Our Father Knots
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The Spectrum - Colors of the Rainbow
White, Cherry, Wine
White, Peach, Orange
White, Yellow, Marigold
White, Lime Green, Hunter
White, Blue Jeans, Navy
White, Lavender, Purple
Baby Blue, White, Pink
Baby Blue, Pink, White
Wine, White, Royal


White, Baby Blue, Navy
White, Royal, Navy
White, Baby Blue, Royal
Baby Blue, Royal, Navy
White, Lime, Kelly
White, Kelly, Hunter
Lime, Kelly, Hunter
White, Neon Pink, Wine
White, Pink, Wine
Wine, Pink, White
Wine, Red, Dark Pink
White, Lavender, Purple
White, Tan, Brown
Brown, Tan, White
Brown, Marigold, Yellow
Tan, Olive, Black
Gold, Olive, Black
White, Grey, Black
Black, Grey, White
Three Strands of Color for Our Father Knot
White, Purple, Pink
White, Purple, Baby Blue
Lime, Baby Blue, White
Orange, Marigold, White
Baby Blue, Pink, White