Triple Strand Rosaries with Striped Hail Mary and Solid Our Father Knots
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The Mysteries
(Lime, Hunter & Wine)
(White, Pearl & Baby Blue)
(Lavender, Purple & Black)
(Yellow, Marigold & White)
The Spectrum - Colors of the Rainbow
HM: White, Cherry
OF: Wine
HM: White, Peach
OF: Orange
HM: White, Yellow
OF: Marigold
HM: White, Lime Green
OF: Hunter Green
HM: White, Blue Jeans
OF: Navy Blue
HM: White, Lavender
OF: Purple
HM: Lime Green, Kelly
OF: Black
HM: White, Tan
OF: Brown
HM: White, Dark Pink
OF: Wine
HM: White, Pearl
OF: Grey
HM: White, Grey
OF: Black
HM: Baby Blue, Royal
OF: Black
HM: White, Baby Blue
OF: Purple
HM: White & Baby Blue or Pink
OF: White
HM: White, Ruby Red
OF: Royal Blue